How To Pack Your Christmas Tree And Decorations

christmas tree

Traditionally, the Christmas tree and decorations are taken down on the 6th January (Little Christmas), not to be touched for another year! Well to avoid the Christmas lights untangling and finding broken baubles in your decoration box, we’ve put together some great tips to pack these items the right way.

  • LIGHTS Take a piece of cardboard and cut two slits in it to wrap the lights through. It’s a simple way to do it and gives you something to use all those gift boxes for. Alternately, if you’re looking for a means to keep your lights tangle free and store the little bulbs, wrap the lights around a can or jar and store the bulbs inside. If you’d prefer just to wrap them, the best method is to bunch the lights together then tie them off with the power cord.


  • TINSEL If you happen to have fancy tinsel and a large wreath, one of the easiest things to do with it is to wrap the tinsel around your wreath as storage. You can also wrap tinsel or other long decorations around a paper towel roll to keep it from getting tied up.


  • ORNAMENTS Have a lot of tiny ornaments? Use egg cartons to store them. This keeps them from getting crushed. If your ornaments are too big for a little egg carton, Martha Stewart recommends gluing paper cups to cardboard and making your own simple storage container.

egg carton decoration packing


Now that we have the ornaments and decorations safely stored away for next year, we need to dispose of the Christmas tree.

  • REAL TREES Chances are your council offers a green waste collection option; if you can’t break the tree down and fit it in your bin, wait until the next scheduled clean-up for larger items. You will need to vacuum up the pine needles, and you can also use a lint roller if you have needles in your couch or carpet area that won’t vacuum up.


  • ARTIFICIAL TREES Wrap like-style branches together with a rubber band,  making it easier to put up next year. If you’re feeling especially lazy, you can also follow eHow’s advice and cover it in a plastic bag, decorations and all.

And there you have it! Some safe and simple tips for protecting your Christmas decorations in storage. If you have any questions for our experts just email, or leave a comment below. Stay tuned for more great tips from Expert Hardware.

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