Expert Tips on how to keep Moss & Algae away

garden-gravel-steps-lg_B0Slippery paths and steps covered in algae and moss are hazardous. Winter is traditionally the time when algae and moss growth is most significant, but build-up can occur during any wet period or in shady, humid areas.

Algae and moss are found in damp places as they need moisture for both growth and reproduction. They are often very recognisable by the green film or powdery deposit it leaves on paving, stonework and garden furniture.

To get rid of Moss and Algae here are some top tips

  • Dislodge moss from between paving by running a sharp knife moss removalalong the cracks. Alternatively, use a block paving brush with a long handle, narrow head and wire bristles for effective cleaning
  • Brush hard surfaces with a stiff broom on a regular basis to help prevent growths from taking hold. Raking loose surfaces such as gravel helps to keep these areas free of both moss and weeds.
  • A pressure washer will remove moss and algae effectively. However, use this method with care in areas where drainage is unsatisfactory as the extra water could exacerbate damp problems. Always wear goggles when using a pressure washer. This is the best method for removal of moss and algae from wooden garden features. After washing the surface consider treating the areas Moss and Algae had taken over to prevent this happening.

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One thought on “Expert Tips on how to keep Moss & Algae away

  1. Moss is so slippery! I totally relate to your comment that moss is hazardous. My grandma has a beautiful waterfall and river in her backyard. When I was younger, I loved to climb up the rocks. I can’t tell you how many times I fell into the water because I slipped on the moss. My cousins and I tried to help remove it and it was a pain. It is hard to keep from growing back.

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