Top Woodworking Tools

At Expert Hardware, we are experts in the field of DIY and hardware.

We offer many types of tools, both electrical and manual, and cater for most DIY jobs you can think of!

We are masters at up-cycling and painting, especially when it comes to wood. There are 3 woodworking tools that we can’t live without and if you’re a woodworker, you can’t either.

Top 3 Tools Every Woodworker Should Havetop woodworking tools

  1. Impact Drill – The Impact Drill is more powerful than cordless drills and generally less expensive. The steady power that comes with the Impact Drill makes it a better tool for extended use.
  2. Orbital Sander – The movement of the Orbital disk within this Sander helps to avoid sanding patterns into your wood making it very effective.
  3. Jigsaw – This power tool allows you to cut curves and patterns in your stock materials. The Jigsaw is a go-to for woodworking projects.

These 3 must have tools are all just €39.99 in your local Expert Hardware. Upgrade your woodworking studio with Expert Hardware’s top of the art equipment.

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