How to setup a Rockstar Garden

The weather in Ireland has been great this week!

The Sun and the heat has us yearning for the outdoors. Throwing a big BBQ Party is just what we need…

If you haven’t had a chance to do much with your garden, now is the time.

Flowers to plant in the Summer Season

flower potsAster – The Aster flowers are tough perennials that thrive through Summer and bloom in the Autumn. June is the perfect month to plant these Aster seeds. Ask the experts in Local Expert Hardware for more information.

Coreopsis – These bright yellow blooms are perfect for adding colour to your dull patch of garden. Plant them near the Aster flowers and enjoy the dash of colours as they grow.Purple fountain grass

Purple fountain grass – The Purple Fountain Grass adds a touch of charm and can grow in colder climates, which means our Ireland climate is perfect for the Purple Fountain Grass to grow. This grass has feathery, rose-colored plumes that fades to beige atop clumps of reddish brown foliage.

Wooden Decking

Wooden Decking always looks great out the back garden, even if it’s just apowerwasher couple of feet reaching out in width. The wood compliments the colours of the garden and is a great place for your BBQ grill.

Keep your wood looking great each year by cleaning the wood using a High Pressure Washer. The difference of before and after cleaning the deck is amazing. Once clean and dry, use Textured Decking Oil to protect and brighten up the natural tones of the wood.

Keep Grass & Hedges Trim

Due to this great weather, grass will grow faster in the garden. Make time for a bi-weekly mow of the garden and keep the grass in check this Season. When it comes to your hedges, we recommend using the Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer to help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Take a look at our Top Tips for trimming the hedge HERE.

The Garden Furniture

Our favourite part of the garden is getting the right furniture to accommodate our BBQ parties. The layout of your garden table and chairs is critical to the right look and feel for your garden setup.

There are 2 types of materials that garden furniture is usually made from – Wooden and PVC.

colourful-garden-chairs-lg_B0 pvc garden furniture

If you take care of the wood properly i.e. covering it in protective varnish each year and sanding down the wood, it can look great and the wood will last longer.

PVC is very easy to clean using the right PVC Cleaner that you can get in your local Expert Hardware.

As our Irish climate won’t always be so warm when the sun goes down, our favourite thing to use is an outdoor heater. Again we recommend the Heat Focus Patio Heater (it looks good on decking to).


Almost every family garden needs a BBQ. We love the Sahara BBQ for it’s sleek look and great grilling power. It just might be the best BBQ burger you’ve ever tasted!

Sahara Rapid assembly

ozzy ozbornAnd that’s how you set up a Rockstar Garden!

If it looks good and you can fit your favourite people around for a great Mid-Summer BBQ, setting up the perfect look for your garden is well worth it.

Top Tip We recommend investing your time in planting your flowers in big plant pots so you can move them around the corners of your garden to change up the look and feel each Summer.

Take advantage of our July offers in your local Expert Hardware.

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