Fix Objects to a Cavity Wall

Many houses are built using Cavity Walls that are present on the outer walls of a house.

Fitting many household objects to a cavity wall tends to make people nervous as they’re afraid or unsure about how to fit these things to that type of wall.

So we put together Expert tips for fitting objects to your Cavity Wall.

The main thing you have to do is have the right tools and fixings for the job.

  • Use an Easy Driva (they come in metal or plastic) when fitting lighter items like frames, light weight mirrors etc.
  • Make sure there are no wires pipes or anything behind the plasterboard. Do this by using a magnet or by using a Stud Sensor (ask in your local Expert Hardware)
  • If there is a baton behind then just screw or nail your item straight into the baton.
  • Start a small pilot hole with either a bradawl or small drill bit, then simply place the pointed end of the fitting into the hole and screw home with a screwdriver.
  • One of our favourite fixings is the Expandet Rosett fittings. These fittings come in 3 different sizes to hold from 10KG to 30KG direct tension, and each pack has instructions on how to fit.
  • Fitting/hanging heavier items to a Cavity Wall needs the Expandet Rosett fittings.

hanging basket

  • With this the only tools needed are a screwdriver and hand held electric screwdriver/drill.
  • Consider the location of the hanging bracket of each item that you want to hang before you drill.
  • On some items it is necessary to have two or more anchor points.
  • Using a metal tape measure each anchor spot from the ceiling down, or the floor up to ensure the product to be hung is level. This should then also be checked with a spirit level.
  • Take care that the drill does not slip or move, even slightly, when drilling matching holes.

If you need any more information on this, email or pop in to your local Expert Hardware.

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