Did You Know?


     Did You Know?

WEEE Ireland (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has just launched this great campaign to encourage you all to recycle your CFL bulbs! You may have heard of The Great Bulb exchange in our last blog post.

We’re excited to be part of this great exchange this August and September as you can recycle your CFL bulbs and receive a beautiful flowering bulb for FREE. Find your local Expert Hardware HERE.

DID YOU KNOW… Only 30% of CFL bulbs are recycled with WEEE Ireland, the rest of the bulbs are wrongfully discarded!

“Almost 3 million waste lamps were collected by WEEE Ireland for recycling in 2014 and this number is set to rise greatly this year if people get on board and recycle for FREE with The Great Bulb Exchange.” – weeeireland.com

The Great Bulb Exchange improves our environment in more ways than one as it gives everyone the chance to brighten up their garden, while responsibly recycling their energy saving light bulbs (known as compact fluorescent lamps – CFLs).

We hope to see you in store recycling your old CFL bulb’s for this great exchange.

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