The Great Bulb Exchange is taking place throughout the months of August and September in your local Expert Hardware

Simply drop into your local Expert Hardware store and recycle your used CFL bulb and receive a FREE flowering Daffodil bulb for your garden.

Here we have some top tips on how to plant the perfect Daffodil.

September is the perfect time of year to plant those daffodil bulbs and giving your daffodil the right start is very important. Make sure that the soil is not compact and if so break it up using a garden fork, Daffodils like moist but free draining soil.

Choose a nice sunny area to plant your bulb as Daffodils do not flower in heavy shaded areas.

Plant your bulb with the pointed end facing upwards and at a depth of about 10cm.

Deep planting is very important, it prevents the bulb from dividing and producing lots of small bulbs that will not flower. Space the bulbs 10 -15 cm apart for the best result.

Last step is to water the bulbs and wait until spring arrives to see those Daffodil bulbs brighten up your garden

For more information on how you can recycle your CFL bulbs click HERE

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