What are the main causes of Condensation?

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A lot of houses in Ireland are prone to condensation due to our typical Irish weather and poor ventilation.

It can be annoying but it can also cause damage and mould growth in your home.

Mould is a direct effect of condensation. Mould is usually found on Water and Mould Stainsfinished surfaces like wallpaper and paint work, and  will be found in corners where there is poor air flow. This mould can be very dangerous to your health, and can give off a musty, unpleasant smell.

Condensation can appear on cold walls, and by windows where it is easily spotted, but it can also occur in hidden areas such as roof spaces and under the sub-floor, where it can lead to dry rot or wet rot.

Condensation usually occurs in the winter months as ventilation of the house is usually low, due to windows and doors being closed, and windows and door gaps…

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