Top 4 Ideas On How You Can Reuse Your Garden Hose

We all have clutter and unused objects in our sheds. Most people tend to hold onto or reuse certain items.

Below we have given our top 4 tips on how you can reuse that old garden hose!

  • Six-inch garden hose scraps are an ideal spot for your hand tools. Cut the hoses to length with a small tab at the top to take a wall-mounting screw. Using a garden hose for this purpose is especially convenient for the man who does not want to build a cabinet.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 14.56.57.png





  • Use hose lengths to protect a child’s hands from swing set chains.


  • Cut the hose strip to fit a hand saw blade. This is a great way to keep it safe in your shed.


  • Wrap a chisel or a star drill in a hose to make a shock absorbing grip.


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