Top Tips for Sprucing up Garden Decking photo source decking

Wooden decking can become very weathered and worn after a rough Winter Season of wind, rain, hail, snow and all of the above. In order to keep your decking in good nick, it will need a spruce up.

The bad weather damages the wood which will need to be restored each year. As we’re (hopefully) coming into warm summery weather, it’s the perfect time to update your wooden deck in time for BBQ Season.

We stock dozens of wooden decking products and cleaners in your local Expert Hardware that will help make your job easier when updating your deck. One of our favourites is Rustins Textured Decking Oil.

Once the deck is cleaned and smoothed down, cover the wood with Rustins Textured Decking Oil.

Why use Textured Decking Oil?Rustins textured decking oil

Rustins Decking Oil brings out the natural colour of the wood. The Oil contains ultra violet light inhibitors and biocides which protects decking from mould and algae growth.

You will need between 2 and 3 coats of the oil for a lasting finish.

“TOP TIP – Rustins Textured Decking Oil can also be used for wooden garden furniture.”

For more inspiration call into your local Expert Hardware store today!!


One thought on “Top Tips for Sprucing up Garden Decking

  1. Thanks for the information! The wood that I used for my deck had a really nice color that faded overtime. I’ve heard about how textured decking oil can help to improve how your wood looks. Do most decking oils contain ultra violet light inhibitors and biocides to protect my deck from mold and algae growth, or are those characteristics only found in this oil? I wan to be sure that I use the right oil for my deck.

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