How To Get Rid Of Spiders

As the cold weather is slowly creeping in, so are spiders into our homes. Many of you have been experiencing some strange black droplets that are left behind by our crawly friends, and were shocked to find out that it is actually “spider poo!!”

To try and keep our eight legged friends out of our homes, we have put together some hints and tips below.

  • Turn off the porch light. When you leave the porch light on, insects gather in the porch. Spiders follow the insects and end up at the front door. Eliminate the spiders food source by not attracting bugs in the first place
  • Reduce Clutter. Spiders find refuge in warm piles of clothing. Keep clothes neatly hung in the wardrobe and keep the floor as clutter free as possible
  • Keep food tightly sealed. Try not to attract other pests such as ants. These insects attract more spiders. Sweep the kitchen floor every night if you can, to remove any crumbs etc
  • Seal any cracks in the house. Carefully examine the house for tiny cracks that spiders can slip through. Caulk the cracks to seal them and prevent spiders from entering. Look closely at windows and doors to ensure they are also adequately sealed
  • Eliminate egg sacs. If you find a spider, search the area for egg sacs. One spider can mean many more in just a few weeks time. Look for small, whitish sacs that resemble cocoons. Remove them with a hoover if you find them
  • Natural repellents. Eucalyptus, mint oil and lemon scents repel spiders. Apply oils to areas where you typically find them in your home

If you have other pests in the home besides spiders, call your local Expert Hardware store and talk to one of our Expert staff members.


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